Courtney E.

Courtney E.

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About Courtney
Member Since:October, 2013
Preferred Subjects:Spanish, English (Writing and Reading), History and English as a Second Language.
Education:I attended Georgian Court University and graduated in May 2013 with high honors awards and Magna Cum Laude (GPA 3.77) Upon graduation I received a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Education with endorsements in Special Education and English as a Second Language
Experience:I tutored on my college campus for 3 years in Spanish, Reading, Writing, history and ESL. I was asked to help college students succeed in these subjects.

I also privately tutor and have been for 3 years. I have experience tutoring students ranging from all grade levels, elementary, middle and high school. Currently I am tutoring a 3rd grade boy in English and Math and twin high school girls in Spanish, English and History.

I am a New jersey certified teacher of Spanish with endorsements in Special Education and English as a Second Language.

I have a passion for education! As an educator I believe in assisting students in becoming successful in the classroom and building their confidence for future higher education opportunities. I enjoy tutoring because of the one-on-one experience with students or in smaller groups. I believe that the smaller instruction allows students to ask questions and have them answered in a manner that is understandable to them. Furthermore, I am not just a "Homework Helper", I create power points, assignments, quizzes, activities, games and hand-outs to help the students I tutor. I am one of the best because I care about the student and I provide materials to not only help the student better understand the content, but to also make them one of the more advanced students in their school classroom.
Hobbies:I played soccer and basketball all through my childhood and into high school. I still enjoy going to games to see my students play.

I also nanny/babysit. I have 7 years of experience caring for children in private homes.

I am working towards going back to school to study law. I love teaching and it will always be a passion of mine. However, I have a very well-rounded education and many things interest me. Thus, I want to pursue a law degree!

I enjoy arts and crafts with children. I am not a fan of TV unless it is Law and Order SVU, Family Guy or Two and a Half Men.
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